Detect a single lie?

Drake is a vulture who grooms young women. He said about Jorja Smith how he wanted to shape her future or something but that she’s childish (on his latest album, without mentioning her name of course).

Here he is with a girl 13 years his junior, who just finished high school in June. Meanwhile, Blac Chyna is lambasted and called a pedophile for dating an 18 year old – and she’s TWO years younger than Drake at that. But somehow this behaviour is fine because he’s really good at manipulating the masses? Gotto give it to him, the Ashkenazi blood is working in his favour. I thought it was one of those tired tropes rooted in antisemitism that people would say about Jewish men in America but nah. They are immune to social conditioning, specifically the Ashkenazi who are a conglomerate group of different diaspora Jewry outside the middle east, developed parallel authority to the different European societies they lived in like the Greek and Roman. They had their own towns, they took control of trade to remain financially autonomous, they were highly literate so as not to be controlled by the Church. They learnt to infiltrate resistance and operate independently with a sense of compensatory superiority to the people they lived amongst (so-called goyim).

They are morally unscrupulous and these are the zionists. Their immorality doesn’t come from them being Jews, because the Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews were the preservers of the religious texts and jurisprudence, as well as the Hebrew language. In fact, Ashkenazi jews were often criticized by the Sephardim and Mizrahim for their Yiddish.

Even with the founding of Israel, the Ashkenazis who never had the cultural roots and rich history that the Jewry in N. Africa, Yemen, Ethiopia, Iberian peninsula, the Levant, etc had, tried to essentially erase all of that in favour of a vision of a mechanical unity. Indeed, Ashkenazi jews could be said to represent the distorted masculine of the West and that’s what’s making Israel to be what it is today. Other Jewish groups are sidelined and marginalized so as not to perturb the generational dream Ashkenazis held of power and dominance, living as minorities in European civilizations.

They also use the holocaust as a smokescreen and protection against any criticism or critical observation. They muddy the waters with false equivalence that jumps straight to genocide and hatred. It’s almost as if they’ve isolated themselves and burnt any bridge to and from the outside world, and that’s very scary because in practice we can’t live compartmentalized so when one tries to enforce isolation it often involves a great deal of evil and oppression.

Wealth is no substitute for the truth

People caping hard for Kobe Bryant as if his case is that of a poor black man trampled on by the system, profiled. Nah, these black celebrities ought to be held up to greater standards and responsibility to reflect their power. It doesn’t matter when he raped that woman, how long ago it was, because he still did that. It’s symptomatic of someone with greater evils hidden and if he weren’t rich and famous, people wouldn’t defend him so fast. Black people live vicariously through these celebrities as they represent the chance of making it in a system that is built to always have poor and weak people exploited and used. The illusion of everyone can make it with some hard work is like getting a camel through the eye of a needle. We all know it’s not a system that rewards efforts and skills. And those elite who once were at the bottom, who know that life yet perpetuate the disillusionment to retain the status quo are a special kind of evil. Despicable people with a warped conscience and no empathy.

The truth can’t survive in those lowly and acidic environments of ego and narcissism. Liberation isn’t by any means necessary. It’s only through authentic transformation that there can be a lasting change. If it doesn’t last it’s because it wasn’t built on truth. You must trust that because that’s how you can find your way out of this maze. Even if others don’t, you still can!

When will we start to realize black celebrities are part of the elite? You think they represent us or are subject to the reality and constraints we are? They use our plight when they need us to rally behind them by thinking if they made it maybe we can too. But it’s not about making it into the demonic and evil circles. It’s about liberating all from such a cruel and unfair system. That was the ethos of Malcolm X, of the early hiphop heads.

The reason why everything is watered down in hiphop is because black people’s loyalty is bought and enticed by promises of riches. Black celebrities are the pied pipers because they know the reality behind those doors but they choose to be pawns in the game, a cog in the wheel in order to keep their status. Just know that when it’s all said and done, you’ll be remembered by your heart and your truth. It’ll eventually come out and it’ll rewrite everything written in falsehood. So when people get exposed, don’t be so quick to think it’s some conspiracy. God exposes people.

All I’m saying is, don’t think Kobe and Diddy and Hov relate to you. They are opportunists and have no empathy for the common people. And that’s how they manage to amass riches. You can’t have both your conscience and fame. That’s why those who try, lose their minds, like Kanye and Britney Spears and Whitney Houston. These celebrities who have breakdowns are actually those with some humanity left and they are getting poisoned by the toxicity in those circles. It’s not normal to be exposed to such soul sickness and not be fazed.

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