Parrot the rest 

​​Arrest the president

Too much affection with no protection
Leads injection to infection
Now you’re pregnant, baby to carry
You love Barry, but he won’t marry
Got an abortion, spent a fortune
Shoulda used caution, mind-distortion
Out of touch, out of tune, and out of time
You’re damn near out of your mind
Slit your wrist, cause you couldn’t live through it
Now you claim that the devil made you do it
Undertaker, he’ll just make a 
Coffin to fit ya and take your picture
Pull out the bible, bust the scripture
It’s too late, Tragedy hit ya
Life is a gift you took for granted
Your mother’s buggin’, her mind is slanted
Pain so deep in her heart it’s planted

Someone yelled out: Get the hell out

Evil fell out, but I’m no sell-out
Black’s the mineral, white subliminal

Arrest the president, he’s the criminal

No one’s laughin’ this, I keep rappin’ this
He’s the happiest, we’re the nappiest
He’s the vulture, study your culture
Broke the sculpture to insult ya

Underrated, we’re all related

Assassinated, I just hate it
Mothers cryin’, brothers dyin’
Someone’s lyin’, I keep tryin’
Doin’ it right, ready to fight
Shedin’ a light, steady in flight
Pro-black explosion, doors are closin’
Brains are frozen, I’m the chosen
Allah’s the force for my resource
To slay on course without remorse

Flipped and flopped it, hipped and hopped it

I just dropped it, no one stopped it
Poetical prophet, political topic
Don’t reject this, just inject this
Bold in blackness, young and reckless
Non-recruitable, anti-shootable
The name is suitable, black is beautiful
Mind was empty, now it’s filled in
Time for buildin’, teach the children
You want to erase my misplaced race
Just to make America a beautiful white place?
That’s not happenin’, I’ll keep rappin’, and
Crowds attractin’, and you’re subtractin’, and 
I discover, unite the lover
Teach the brother, fight the other
Young black eagle hunting evil
I want peace, but that’s illegal
Young brothers doin life in prison
Love is life and life is worth livin
Al Islam, read the Koran
Grab the mic and drop bombs
Threw on my boots, stepped to my roots
Black is dominant, that’s enough proof
Separation of integration
Strong foundation, Nubian nation
Microphonist blessed with a bonus
Pray to give thanks and help the homeless
Use the mind the creator gave ya
Won’t enslave ya, but he’ll save ya

There’s no debate, time to penetrate

I can’t wait for the pain to deflate
I’m livin’ in a land of hate
Take my hand, black man, and let’s stand
And find this promised land
Arrest the president

Politics, polished tricks
Makes me sick, ready to flip
Pimpin’ ain’t easy, it’s greasy
Grimy, slimy, slouchy, sleazy
Who the fuck you think you are, mister?
Tryin’ to pimp some young black sister
Still talkin’ that pimp shit talk
Pretty boys don’t survive up north
Now you’re turned out, you shoulda got out
Time has burned out, sad how you found out
Money and cars made you feel real good
Tell me, was it worth your manhood?
Homicidal, that was your title
Pimpin’ is vital, now you’re suicidal

Revolution, execution
Mind pollution, no solution
Disregard it, heart of Harlem
Had no pardon, snake in the garden
Culture stealer, big high wheeler

Arrest the president, he’s the drug dealer
Chief command and got his hand in
Drugs demandin’, kept it standin’
Hands were dipped in, someone flipped in
Made a mistake and stopped the shipment
F.B.I. fronts the fourth guy
He can’t lie, so it’s time to fry
Witness greedier, cause the media
Scared to death and his heart gets speedier
Life in prison, he starts bitchin’
In a few months, he’ll be snitchin’
A new collection, police protection
Misconception, no direction
New face, new name, same game
You took the blame
Case gets older, lost in folder
Yo. they played ya out like a soldier
Tapped your phone, bugged your residence
Yo, arrest the president

Arrest the president

Arrest the muthafuckin’ president
(Arrest the president)

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