8 degrees of separation

Retain your calmness. Don’t abandon your post in this moment. War is raging outside and anyone not firmly grounded in the pillar of love extending through the breath of life will be snatched and snuffed.

Would you believe?

There’s so much to be afraid of in this world. Overwhelming darkness and suspect figures in the shadows hissing at passersby. An ice-cold world where anyone with warmth in their blood and light upon their faces is quickly undone.

If you look to the outside for validation, all you’ll be left with is insecurities. If you scan your environment for signs of safety, all you’ll get is fear and anxiety. And if you look to this world for reassurance, all you’ll get in return is a crippling doubt in yourself.

This world is merely a reflection of your inner realm. What you find before you is what is within you. What you change within, will manifest without. Embody the reality you’d like to see in this world. By enriching others, you enrich yourself. By doubting others, you doubt yourself. All evil and suffering is a lack of understanding and faith. By faith I mean believing in something before it manifests, before it’s tangibly evident. Believing in the good of someone’s intention. Believing that there’s a place for you in this world. Believing that your dream and desires that arise within you like waves crashing against the shore, pulling and pushing, with the ebb and tide of your consciousness, will see the light of day eventually.

Any progress, invention, discovery was once a seed carried in someone’s unwavering faith in it. How many dreams have you killed or let die? Is your heart meant to be a cemetery or a playground? Your focus is a creative force that creates and amplifies what it’s fed on. Your faith channels that force. And in the absence of faith, doubt takes over and all it does it create replicas of itself; an army of doubt and suffering to extinguish the last ray of light in your world.

a succinct life

A couple of days ago, I was struggling to settle with a theme for my blog that feels right for me, and I was frustrated that I couldn’t distinguish the superfluous from the essential. It then hit me that simplicity is a matter I, ironically, find very difficult and I began to ask myself why this was so? I felt that knowing why simplicity evaded me, would be a key stone in getting to know myself further. You know when you have a hunch but can’t put a finger on what it is exactly?

So, anyway, it just hit me; simplicity is focus. Simplicity is when you are unified in yourself. When you are grounded, and in touch with your intuition. Intuition is the filter of the soul. When we are tuned outwardly, our connection to our intuition weakens, which sets off a plethora of ailments like self-doubt, low self-esteem, a clueless,mechanical life void of warmth and passion.

It’s ironic how we take to excesses when we lack, and when we possess inward richness, we don’t need much. The true stuff in life is always unassuming, mellow. It creeps up on you. Serendipity. Love. Passion. It finds you when you find that inner focus.

I run away from my intuition because I don’t want to face the pain. So I take to excesses in everything to drown out that voice, to bury the sullen memory of who I am inside. I have 8 tabs open on Chrome now. I can’t be still, can’t be idle. Yet in all my busyness, I’m never actually doing much. My life is best represented by my coca-cola addiction; so full of pleasure, empty of substance. It’s not real pleasure when it’s followed by long-lasting pain. But I’ve mastered the art of self-deception.

Simplicity is knowing who you are, what you want, and going for that; nothing else. I’m tempted to keep on writing this post even though I’m done with what I had in mind , a force of habit. A reflection of the emptiness I feel inside. I fear I won’t be understood, that I won’t —


You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts.

khalil gibran

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