Birth of hope

Ancestral trauma is compounded trauma. It means that you’ve inherited the perspective formed through a psyche under an amygdala attack. It means that you start off with a severe undersupply of possibilities. When you try to find your connection needs in your limitations, you overperform and restrict yourself to fit into the survival template handed down to you. Your system can’t handle the awareness of the fact that your needs exceed what’s currently available to you.

It’s like trying to force yourself into a box and then try to gaslight yourself to believe that it’s really not uncomfortable and that you don’t need a normal bed. Survival depends on limitations because to be able to foresee and predict events and changes you have to control the space you’re in. Therefore, a scarcity mentality will register your self-actualizing tendency as a threat and will attack you much like the t-cells attack the antibodies in autoimmunity. Your mind is literally slowly killing your soul.

One of the tell-tale signs is how you respond to yourself when you feel emotional distress; do you mimic the way an abusive parental figure would talk to you? Another sign is the overarching themes of your desires and goals in life ; often it’s to finish what your parents or ancestors started but couldn’t finish. Beware of that because that carries a lot of karmic undertones in that it’s highly fragmented and misaligned with the universal wellbeing. I.E., the reason they never achieved those goals is probably because it wasn’t rooted in balance and potentiality, but in energy displacement and overcompensation for something else. The biggest sign however is when you feel like you’re mired and sinking in triggers and unconscious self-harm that never seem to abate no matter how much you try. You’re most likely not dealing with something you’re conscious of or something you can identify the root cause of, and you have to have a lot of tolerance and acceptance for yourself in order to find a space within where you can mend what has been passed in bucks.

You have to go beyond the karmic battlefield and go towards everything that you’d prefer to run from or evade. It doesn’t matter how much you achieve in life if you don’t reclaim your own context. Shut down the sabotaging commentary by tuning into what it’s actually saying. It just wants to be heard, that’s all.

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