Innocence is not a crime

Helplessness is synonymous with hopelessness and inadequacy, in our age where ironically machines do the heavy work for us. But it doesn’t need to be that way. We can peel back the flimsy layer of utter delusion that has made us forget our humanity since the industrial revolution.

We’ll find that even if we are fortified by long trails of money and networks of the most powerful people, we still can’t resist a flu virus much less anxiety and depression. We can’t protect the ones we love from mishap. We can’t even protect ourselves against mishap. But most importantly, or shall I say unsettling, is that all the power in the world falls apart like a house of cards in the presence of death.

This shouldn’t be worrying though because it’s a sign that we need to chill tf out. It’s a sign that there will always be times when we feel helpless and powerless and that’s where love and wisdom comes in, if we let it. If we let up on this futile war against the most vulnerable parts of ourselves where we rage and turn the shame others made us feel early on against ourselves. We continue the very cycle of abuse that churns out the kernels of evil in this world ; letting thoughts loose on our objective feelings. Feelings that only indicate the reality untarnished by delusion and phantasm. If our worldview or self-esteem is threatened by our feelings then it should be demolished because the truth can never be threatened. It’ll eventually fall apart and we’ll go down with that ship we insisted was invincible.

The only invincibility that truly exists belongs to Allaah, the creator, controller and destroyer of worlds. Acknowledging your helplessness to Him is to acknowledge the truth in which we were created. But it’s also to acknowledge the powerlessness of those whose evil we fear and the limitations of what we seek in the world. The currency in the world might be a display or illusion of having no weakness whatsoever (which is truly stupid and inverted because then the strongest get the most help they don’t need. Make it make sense?) but the cosmic currency is truth which is to say clarity which is to say vulnerability.

To remain aware and present when you feel the lowliest and most doubtful takes far more strength of character than to rush to obliterate whatever in you triggered that thought or to project an overcompensating image to the world.

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