Wordless suffering

This really made me think. People don’t talk about the kids despite them being the most exposed and exploited and powerless. It’s like all activism is secondary, it’s an offshoot of whatever an individual expresses ; the louder the shriek the more help one gets. It’s deeply worrying that the criteria is in this way because often those most wounded are the most silent. I think the reason people aren’t able to tap into unspoken trauma is that it requires a passage through the unresolved traumas of one’s childhood. It’s impossible to help a child, yours or another’s, more deeply than your connection to your inner child.

And this circles back around to what I often conclude; that your healing is more than just an individual’s healing, it’s the permanent opening of a portal where the divine and the deeply human can integrate. That is, where people can finally see the Hand of God that is often obscured by trauma-bonding in a society hyperfocused on scarcity and survival.

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