Champion your soul

I don’t want men to need my validation or retreat out of fear that I won’t receive him the way he wants. Fuck going y’all own way, and stay. Stay in your truth and don’t abandon yourself just because someone doesn’t understand or mirror you back the way you wanted to. Fuck them. Guard your truth so I can know you’re for real. Stand by your heart in the pouring rain so that I can know you for real. So that I can know you, the real you. Don’t wait for me to give you permission. Don’t put that burden on me. Don’t give us women that big a power that what we say or don’t say will be cause for you to go your own way or take your own life. We’re just as messy and toxic, albeit in covert ways, as you. We’re no paragons of model humans.

Choose your wholeness over any woman demanding you break up your peace to go to war for her. I don’t care if it’s your own mother or wife – some things are so sacred that even God Himself has forbidden Himself from meddling in.

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