I am the sky

Learning to coexist and actually be present and participating in life with others as a highly sensitive introvert is so incredibly difficult. I ended up having a 1.5 hour talk with mum and I legit got dizzy and felt out of breath. It reminded me why I don’t start convos with people because once it derails I don’t know how to back out without seeming insensitive. I just avoid it altogether but that’s not a long-term solution.

I ask Allaah to help me be aligned with my psyche. I absorb and process things at neckbreaking speed and it’s so difficult to understand let alone trying to communicate my limitations and needs to others. I think when I apply my mind to analyzing my intuitive processes, that’s when I short-circuit. It’s too much for my mind. So I surrender it to Allaah while holding space for it and the solution or clarity always trickles through my intuition again. It’s such a reverse and counterintuitive process that it’s taken me long to accept.

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