At no harm’s length

I’ve been trying to understand the LGBTQ, and especially the trans phenomenon in depth. Not to disprove it or anything, but just understand what caused it to just spring up like that over a generation. The gender dysphoria is a very real thing. I think trans people, those in the West at least, are channeling some sort of split in the collective psyche. Like a social mutation from the heavy mind control and manipulation of evil forces in society. People, especially women, are grasping at intellectual straws to save themselves from the extreme quagmire that is the West. It’s oozing and rotting, meanwhile the Western nations try to divert the internal distress outwardly on others.

For sure, I believe that a lot are jumping ships and hiding amongst, or shall I say behind, the LGBTQ alliance for social redemption. It’s become an elective minority you can tick, for many. But for others it’s the only way they know how to stop this existential hemorrhage. It’s like queerness is the only nuanced mental space that won’t crush them.

The West has become this empirical Juggernaut that strips everything of meaning that isn’t definite and placated by intellectual reasoning. And here is a community that claims the unverifiable and fights for their rights to have their identity protected from this juggernaut.

It’s like the canary in the coal mine and unlike what a lot purport, I don’t think it’s the rise of pc culture and social justice warriors that is ‘destroying’ everything. I think things are already so destroyed that people have to fend for their very last breaths in whatever way they know how. Especially the divine feminine, which is extremely distorted and mauled.

All this isn’t an intellectual exercise, it’s an intuitive translation of an image I’m seeing. Image created from my search for meaning and understanding of this. And it’s been a couple of years in the making. It’s not something I’ve made up from a detached point. I’ve interacted with it as deeply as I could.. There’s a lot wanting because I don’t have the academic jargon to translate this, or rather correlate this to intellectual concepts. And the English language is skewed towards the (distorted) masculine and the mind without heart. It resists the expression of unification of ideas and holism. It strips everything down to the sensory components as if that’s all there is to existence.

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