No participation trophy

Don’t seek kindness in a man, seek respect. Anyone who wants to manipulate you can act kind, but respect involves self-restraint and brutal honesty. The clearest sign of commitment is him preferring you over his ego.

A man isn’t your father, nor are you a child anymore. So don’t seek to quell childhood lacks or insecurities through him. Don’t seek respect, for that matter, just so you can feel validated or eradicate a doubt in your worth. Don’t use love to feed your ego, because anything ego touches it contaminates. A man’s innate strength is to provide what he has, not compensate for what you lack. There’s a subtle difference.

And for the love of God, don’t lead a man you know you’re not resonating with, on. You know when a man is into you, hopeful in your entertainment of his interactions so don’t abuse another’s heart just because it boosts your confidence or makes you feel like you’re wanted. Such an act obscures your heart and may very well cloud it from attracting the one with whom you’d fully resonate with. Don’t follow your ego by encouraging his flattery.

Have patience and be consistent in practicing integrity.

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