Pimpin’ the world

Pain forces us to look for love, and that’s something the ego tries to feign it doesn’t need because love doesn’t need anything and thus isn’t transactional. So it pretends others need it through what one does for others that garner appreciation or companionship. But anything built on transactions is conditional. And what’s conditional confines the spirit, and it’s these confines and mental structures created ad hoc that block the innate abundance of the cosmos that God has already perfected in creating. Pain then is often the spirit being fed up with being complacent with the lies of the ego and the lies of the world, and needs connection with the transpersonal. That’s what love is, transpersonal. It makes us transcend our ego and connect to others on a higher plane. Problem is that most want to be on the receiving end of that kind of transcendental and unconditional love whilst being entrenched in the comfort and predictability of the ego. When that doesn’t happen or when one’s unconscious blocks makes one susceptible to the manipulation of charlatans promising you a home delivery of heaven, people decry love and vulnerability and dismiss it as a sham.

No, you are a sham and a scam. You want to discover the existence of the cosmos and you want it to be within your comfort zone. Something has got to give. And you have got to start questioning your perception and narratives more often instead of cementing the world in your negative experiences and making the cosmos a fossil of your pain.

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