For Whom The Clock Ticks

Time is what the mind labels the flow of cosmic cycles. There was a time (pun not intended but unavoidable) when time and territories didn’t exist because people weren’t separate from the immediate natural environment they lived in. There was only this moment, and working in tandem with the diurnal flow and the shifts of the season. People lived where they lived, did what they could, put up with the inherent hardships or dangers of the land. They saw themselves as a part of a whole and had reverence for the vastness of the world around them.

It was only when man saw this coexistence as subservience and didn’t want to be ruled by the sun or the winds or God, that he plotted ways of breaking “free”. Of course, breaking up the divine reality never leads to freedom but I digress.

He started forming the phenomenon reality which was a map constructed by thoughts derived from the sensory input of the environment. As this gathered momentum, the split from nature happened and a corresponding internal separation of the subconscious (the nonverbal feminine energy) and the conscious ego ( the verbal masculine energy).

This shift was driven heavily by demonic entities who knew the implications of driving humans away from their existential backdrop. They were very calculated and invested in driving a wedge between the divine signs and consciousness, so that people would live in a Plato’s cave, entertained by shadows and never fathoming the existence of a world outside the cave.

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