Desolation of darkness

Women are controlled through fear. If you want emotional release and relief, if you want to not have to deal with any more insensitivity and gaslighting and condescending men and misogyny and emotional abuse.





Resolve your fear. Go to the very root of it and see what deal you made with the devil to be protected from fear. Is it because you need the validation of parental figures to be able to feel worthwhile? Is it because you want to be wanted? Is it because you want to escape your current reality through being everything for a man?


Once you find that, it’s like pulling the bathtub plug. It allll goes down the drain and no one can get to you anymore. No one can threaten to throw in a plugged in hairdryer into the bathwater because you’re not in those circumstances anymore. You see? The monsters still exist, but you’re no longer afraid of monsters. So it’s like meh.

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