A karmic hero

I’m genuinely rooting for him at this point 😂😂

No, seriously I am. Ask me why





BECOWS he’s scratching the previously unreachable itches. He’s the swarm of locusts and frogs and river of blood that Pharaoh was plagued with before his demise. He’s rattling the cages of the elite and that’s the only reason why they’re publicly smearing him. They aren’t pissed because he’s uncouth and morally heinous or predatory. Nah, that’s what they all are. The real reason why they are speaking out against him and all is because he’s not following their agenda. His disrespecting their power. That’s it! Cuz if it wasn’t, they wouldn’t have cackled and given him all that free airtime leading up to the election!! They had a blaaaaast getting them coins by using the sensationalism to bring eyeballs to the screen. They wouldn’t have blackballed Bernie Sanders from getting hardly any coverage while being in Clinton’s pockets.

So, yeah. I’m very happy to see this because he’s not doing anything to the common people that hasn’t been done before. That path is well paved my friend. It’s strewn with war crimes, drone wars, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, the 2008 recession, illegal wire tapping and surveillance, the plundering of millions in aid money for Haiti after the earthquake by the fricking Clinton foundation, inciting violence and destabilizing riots under the guise of the Arab Spring that opened up for the toppling of Libya, Yemen, Syria, and it goes on and on and on.

So NOW I’m supposed to spare disgust and dislike for this man? Ha! This is karma on prime time and I’m here for it hunty

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