Run like a river does

Men haven’t inherited the emotional damage and violence that’s etched into our very DNA, and it’s not something that can be encompassed by the limited scope of language and abstractions. No matter how much they try to understand and validate, it ultimately won’t reach to the core of the matter because we’re disconnected from the core of the matter, so our understanding is very shallow too.

Knowing the historical and political context of these wounds is helpful insofar as we’ve internalized it, and closure and clarity on the external circumstances can free up the mental space. But it won’t and can’t replace a genuine inner connection between our hearts and bodies. The memories and traumas are stored in the body and these are the emotional blockages that makes it impossible to access the heart where our unique creative powers as divine feminine lie.

Spending time and effort being on the warpath is not only ineffective but it’s a reenactment of the scenes that our trauma was born in. Going back in time to undo the damage is another way of saying, someone else did something to me that I have absolutely no ability to rectify. My release from this bondage in torture is to make this person or society undo the oppression.

The problem in this is, besides the impossibility of undoing something that has already happened, that we’re leaving our healing and emotional freedom at the mercy of a progress in the external. That’s very dangerous because it ties us to what we’re desperately trying to get away from!!

Healing not only removes the damage but it turns the scar into a portal of abundance and cosmic wisdom. It’s sorta like having your house demolished by enemies and then finding out that there’s a gold mine underneath the house that wasn’t visible before. The most valuable parts of you can never be touched or damaged or taken. Your soul is that gold mine.

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