Dizzying prospect

Our task isn’t to control causality or consequences, nor is it even something we can control. Often times, we conflate control and resistance. Resisting the flow of internal dynamics may give the impression that external factors have been controlled since we’ve refused to participate, but not really.

Our task is to hold space for whatever comes up, within or without, with unconditional acceptance. Within: allowing awareness to permeate the stew of feelings while trusting that feelings don’t cause anything to happen. Without: allowing others to have their reactions to our unmitigated feelings while trusting that whatever is subject to change in reaction to something we do or don’t do isn’t healthy for us anyway because anything temporary can’t sustain the timeless nature of the soul, which is the pivot for our experiences.This, to quell any anxiety or fear over disappointing or alienating others by not meeting their expectations. In other words, seek what’s unwavering and isn’t predicated on you being a certain way.

We don’t change things or make them happen. The only reason why we face circumstances that may call for change is because it’s a change in perspective and perception. The outer follows the inner, and the only plane where things change on a fundamental level is at the energetic/emotional level. By seeing the displeasing elements for what they are without trying to edit anything, we become vessels for a transmuting shift that connects us to a different dimension of reality that already is in existence. We don’t actually change or create anything. Our only task is attunement.

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