Don’t fight the fog

What you’re living is your reality. What you resonate with is your truth. Acknowledge everything that doesn’t resonate with you and accept that though it’s a reality, it isn’t the reality. The reality is what persistently resonates within you no matter how lost you feel. To get there you may have to cut through a lot of bs that is the culmination of generations of bad choices and lack of choices by others. You don’t need to fix it, just cut yourself loose. Uproot the weeds, don’t try to turn them into flowers. Don’t try to turn yourself into anything because your soul is more creative than your mind will ever catch on.

Like writer’s block, being disconnected from unsavory truths because of what you’d rather reality to be can block your soul. Clear the path by seeing what’s there. That’s all. See the truth in your current situation and the rest will happen automatically.

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