Merchants of death

Expansion which is what happens to the scope of the self when the divine light enters it, is very difficult because the process feels the opposite ; constricting and dark. The reason for this is that the light that enters us disrupts the relative order and grasp on the world we had and introduces factors and elements that we never knew before. It then obviously removes the potency of our perspective and renders us less efficient or even powerless depending on the strength of the light. We not only have to face the fact that what we knew and created stability on isn’t all that, AND we have to let that go and accept a new set of truths that we don’t know what they are or how they’ll impact us. On top of all of that, we can’t see the fruits of the labour until we do the labour, so everything seems to be stacked in favour of holding on to the familiar and certain. The ego stokes fear because its power is diminished and in the absence of faith or sacred gnosis that would allow someone to recognize the signs of a shift and higher purpose, the self may succumb to the terrorizing of the ego. And that’s not including demonic influences and deterrents.

That’s what holds most people back. There simply isn’t the mesmerizing allure that illusion and desires of ego carries. The divine truth isn’t glamorous at all. But that’s because what’s substantial doesn’t need to draw in attention to gain anything. What’s empty needs to be everything that everyone needs or desires; a flypaper for lusts and greed.

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