Bath salts

Beware of getting drawn into blatant evil because it’s a bait set to imprison you in an inverted mental matrix where your thoughts follow a purposely built maze of segues and adjacent thoughts, like a rat. Basically, these highly volatile and polarizing events and headlines like Kanye saying slavery was a choice or the Windrush scandal in the UK is engineered in a way where latent instinctual and subconscious demons are triggered and take over the logical side of the brain because of how much it defies what’s expected. They shock you by putting wildcards into heavy rotation, to dissolve your grasp on reality. It’s kinda what they do when they torture prisoners by blasting certain songs, albeit to a much lesser degree. You know and I know that there are crazy shit in this world and everyone probably thinks things that were they to be broadcasted would make people flatline. So it’s not the existence of atrocious and degenerate behaviour that is shocking but the role of the media in promoting it. They obviously have a set agenda when they curate what happens and it’s obviously not the truth otherwise all news outlets wouldn’t recycle the same 5 topics.

They manufacture and get off on your reaction and so you have to think a step ahead and be self-aware enough to notice what’s happening. Don’t be duped. They are muddying the waters.

Also for those who may not know, read up on Project MKUltra.

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