Roses stank

Black people are treating Kanye how white people talk about he was a misunderstood lone wolf who was mad at the world after the tragic demise of his mother.

The infantalization. The blaming of the Kardashians?? People are legit blaming the Kardashians more than Trump, more than I dunno, his own damn self?

Why are the only influences mentioned women? His mother and his wife? Really? C’mon. Come on. I think if anything he’s exposing hypocrisy and double speak. I think he’s more ‘sane’ than many who know to blend in. Like Fabulous. Like Nas. Like Jay. I think Kanye is going to be to hip hop what Trump was to the entire West : confrontation of the shadow. And I’m here for it tbh. John Legend made me physically nauseous with his talking points. Something so incredibly affected and fake about him. It’s like people are either narcissistic psychos or hypocrites.

People are more shocked that he could say that without the sky falling down than the meaning of what he said. It was just gibberish. But we reacted because we knew what it was going to do to us. We’d be forced to reshuffle and draw lines and think about our values. That’s what was aggravating. He poured a bucket of cold water on us while we were sleeping soundly and comfortably. We can’t force him back into the box because he’s only responsible for his actions, not our reactions. Never mind the whole, he has a platform and responsibility because people look up to him. Well maybe it’s about time we revisit that truism. Why do people look up to those with power or money? Perhaps that’s where the fuck up lies, no? Questions galore

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