Your roots are yours

The trademark of a true revolution is that it starts individually, by identifying what’s wrong within because that’s not something that can be outsourced or pointed out by others. Then what’s good and wholesome is broadcasted to the collective to remind them that good hasn’t left, it’s still here. People are prompted to seek the good.

When it’s all political or ideological noise masquerading as a movement, the focal point is on identifying what’s wrong with the other, what’s wrong in the world. And then the attention returns to affirming what’s right with the individual who are in that movement, and how their goodness will make them conquer the bad.

Do you see this? No, really, do you? All these enlightenment, awakening, activists, truther, red pillers, what have you movements are billed as charging at falsehood but really it’s to rally around retaining their identity. And assuming that what one is and what one does is wholesome in essence.

Please use discernment and be careful. It’s so easy to be sucked into these schemes when you’re confused or hurt and just want to feel safe. You are safe. Turn inwards and heal everything that insists that you aren’t and be free from your ego.

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