don’t be a prison guard

To be happy…

It’s to allow each path to lead where it may. To let each person reveal their truth. To let every moment to crash into you with full might without budging. 
It’s to realize that the perimeters of your being is also the boundary that separates you from the universe- and indeed protects you from being crushed by it. Don’t overstep it, seeking mirages that will ensnare you in a never-ending tassle with illusions. Be content with who you are. Be rooted wherever you are. Know that all the riches you seek are within you, hiding amongst the gremlins you fear. Know that whatever is yours will find you when the time is right, and that as long as you’re fully cognizant of everything that is flowing through your consciousness, you’ve wasted no time and missed no opportunity.
Be a creator, and cultivate lucious gardens of love in your mind from which to feed yourself. Don’t starve your soul by mindlessly consuming everything that is happening around you. Don’t let greed whet your appetite. Don’t let anything oust you from yourself, with false promises of greater treasures. 
Accept discomfort and disappointments as intricate parts of life and you’ll never suffer a day in your life. Accept that what you know and what you desire are insignificant compared to what you don’t know and what you are yet to develop desire for. Be therefore like a valley, humble and receptive to whatever divine plan you were made with. Trust that you won’t be annihilated if you let go of control because the only way you can feel whole is by reining in your controlling mind. Don’t let your mind spoil the magic that will unfold because it fears losing what it already has. 

How can you be happy when you insist on asphyxiating your soul yet complaining about breathlessness? How can you be happy when you’re deliberately starving your creativity yet you complain about feeling dead inside? Well duh! That’s what happens when nothing grows, when things are barren. 
You can either change the way you interact with this divine and mysterious orchestra or you can bark at the moon till the sun rises. 
Either way, you’re in far greater need of finding stability than the eternal universe. And kinda shorter on time, too… 

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