Midnight Guide 

​Hey hey hey
You might not know what you’re doing, but no one else does either.  Seriously. We’re watching this movie called life unfold as it’s happening. We are all winging it. We all have been tasked with journeys and obstacles. There are no failures or setbacks. The path might run through forests and valleys and deserts, but as long as you stay on your path, you are right where you need to be. At all times. 
People who hamper you are people who’ve lost their paths and are like highway robbers. But they can’t take what you don’t give them, so don’t give them your self-doubt, your shame, your self-destructiveness.
Let the stars pelt down like missiles,let the sky be rent asunder, let the earth cave in on itself – those things aren’t for you to be concerned with. The Creator of all existence is in control and nothing happens without His perfect ordinance. 
Dark days and turbulent nights that never seem to end are ahead. Pain that opens up a Bermuda triangle in your heart will engulf you. Those  closest to you will betray you in the worst of ways.
When that happens, I want you to promise me that you’ll focus on being grounded in your own path. Cry, whimper, hibernate, double over in pain if need be- but do it on your path. Trust me, nothing you’ll lose, no pain you’ll experience measures up to what you’ll experience if you veer off your path. It might seem easier to let go of yourself when your soul is flooded with rivers of distasteful sensations, but so is death. Death is when life lets go of you. 
So, stay grounded in this moment, focus on where your two feet stand.

If you wander off when you’ve been guided to a consciousness of yourself, that consciousness will wander off and leave you in the darkness you chose.

You could have kept afloat, but you chose to drown yourself.

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