On acceptance and shitty feelings

We’re not afraid of feeling pain or uncomfortable feelings..we fear that we’ll lose control if we allow ourselves to feel fully and deeply. That the feelings would take a hold of us and cast us into an emotional vortex whence we’ll never return…
We feel safe in the mental sanctuary we make for ourselves by suppressing feelings. We have an image we’d like to live up to and expectations we hold, and consciousness is a threat to everything.If we retain the slightest bit of control, perhaps things wouldn’t be so bad and all would be well in this world…

One response to On acceptance and shitty feelings

  1. To feel fully and deeply necessitates crying, so he usually shuts it down when he is about to lose control of himself. Instead he has learned to hold it in yet to feel without the outward expression of those feelings. Not always sadness. And not always happiness. And not always both. Sometimes it’s just there to be unexplained but felt. Not necessarily needed to be shown rather felt and accepted inwardly. And to know that the feeling is not yet fully completed. But I can live with that. I always have.

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