I hate it when mum bolts into the room without knocking; it’s like she’s angry with the door. When I hear her hurried footsteps approaching, I brace myself for yet another door-assault and murmur to myself ‘here we go’. I’m easily startled, so I have to brace myself for anything abrupt. I do the same with movies; I mute the sound whenever there’s a suspenseful scene where a villain is anticipated to jump out of the shadows. I don’t like doors being left open either, or half open, or pseudo-closed. My sister likes to do that, pseudo-close – how much effort would it take to give the door one strong pull?

I feel unsettled with open doors. I need closure. I need both physical and emotional boundaries. Give me a break, please.


2 responses to Close.the.door!

  1. I also prefer my doors tightly closed, not partially ajar. My brother was always barging into my room without knocking and it always made me jump.


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