A lone planet on this planet

Midnight thoughts & thunders

 〈serial soliloquies〉


I am alone in this world. Not lonely. I mean, I’m literally alone, the only person in this world. I realized while our physical bodies share the ground we walk on and the sky that canopies high above our heads, our souls, our selves, our minds – whichever you resonate with – are housed in individual realms. In this private world, dreams canopies overhead, hope is the glistening stars that comes out in the darkness of confusion. Thoughts are seeds from which ideas and actions sprout forth. Some thoughts are bitter and infests the soul with bitterness and destruction. Other thoughts, though very rare, are the ones whence goodness and beauty sprouts in this world. It soaks the person with kindness and compassion that they in turn extends to others.

The way to change others is to change oneself. I never understood that. I never understood the adage ‘ to love another you must learn to love yourself first’. OK, that’s not really an adage, I kinda made that up hehe, but the concept of self-love and self-acceptance always seemed odd and other worldly to me.

But now, now I get it. I shall uproot the bitter trees I sowed and tear down this canopy of doom, and in their places I shall raise myself anew.

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