Traverse the road less travelled

path lies ahead

Ibn  Qayyim al-Jawziyyah:

“Come and welcome, if you have firm resolve,

For the call of love is urging you, so traverse the distance,

And say to those who call you to love and happiness:

If you call, I will say: I answer your call” a thousand times,

And do not look at the effects which they left behind,

 for if you look at their effects, you will be saddened,

But take from them the supplies for the trip,

And follow the path of guidance and love and you will reach your destination,

And do not wait for the companion who remains sitting,

But leave him, for the desire to see your loved ones will suffice to carry you,

And keep alive by their memory,when  your riding beast comes near,

For the remembrance will renew your efforts,

And if you fear weariness, then say to it (i.e. the camel):

Ahead of you is the watering-place, so seek the sources of the water,

And take a firebrand from their light and travel by it,

For it is their light which guides you, not their torches,

And hurry to Wadi Al-Arak and say therein:

I hope that I see them there,” if indeed you say anything,

And if not then in Na’man, I have one who can show the way to those whom you love, so seek them, if you should ask,

And if not, then you will meet with them by night,

But if you miss them, then alas for him who is unaware!

Come to the Gardens of ‘Adn,

For they are a more fitting abode if you intend to stay somewhere.

But the enemy have captured you,

Because you tarried over the effects, crying over the houses,

And come to a Day of plenty in an eternal Garden,

And strive with yourself if you are willing to sacrifice,

And leave them as ruined buildings, for there’s is no place of rest therein,

And pass by them, for they are not houses,

Turn away from them to the path which was taken by those you love,

And say:  “Be patient, oh my soul for an hour,”

 For when you meet (with them) the weariness will be no more,

For it is no more than an hour,

Then it will pass, then he who was sad will rejoice.”

Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr ‘ Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah’ (1290-1350). Hailed from Damascus, renowned Islaamic scholar in his own right, historian, mufasser, mufaqqih,muhaddith and poet. May Allaah have mercy upon his soul.

This excerpt was reblogged from Mukhtasar Zaad al-Ma’aad pp.302-303

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